You may well ask, "how do you decide what to play for this seasonal webcast?"  That is a very good question.  But it is not an easy one to answer.  What you have here is well over 8 days worth of Christmas and seasonal music that I've been collecting over the past couple of decades.  So we have singing, instrumentals, whistling, power tools doing carols, and so on.  The artists range from sedate choirs in serious robes to bands like Twisted Sister and Jimi Hendrix (yes, he had a Christmas release ...).  I hope that you enjoy it.   And rest assured that if you really can't stand the track that is playing now, there may be an entirely different kind of music waiting in the wings. Whatever you celebrate at this time of year - solstice, channukah, christmas, kwanzaa... even if it is just celebrating a day or two off work... the hope is that you will hear something that makes you smile, that piques your interest, and that lifts your soul.

Seasonal Webcast

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the tenth annual

mangers and sleigh bells...